​Welcome to ESSSM!

Welcome to ESSSM (Santa Maria Health School), which is a private institution of a higher education level, owned by the Portuguese Province of the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady, “heiress” of the history and educational legacy of ESESM (Santa Maria Nursing School), which, since 1952, has been a reference of quality in what concerns the teaching and the technical and personal development of nursing professionals, continuously sharing its mission and promoting the principles and values of its founding matrix.

In order to rise to the current challenges, by aiming to achieve its full scope and pointing towards broadening its formation, ESESM has become, as of the ninth of June 2016, ESSSM, which continues teaching nursing at the same time as it opens up to new graduations, namely, Physiotherapy and Higher Professional Technical courses regarding related areas.

Inspired by the Franciscan example and ideals, the formative and educational project of ESSSM, which guarantees the continuity of the legacy left by ESESM, wishes to give its future professionals a pluralistic formation, prominently oriented to the service of others, entrenched on principles which add value to the human person and provide a privileged attention to the ones in need as well as the underprivileged and, at the same time, it’s technically advanced, aligned with cutting-edge procedures in healthcare, very engaged with the community, focused on the internationalisation and on encouraging a positive transition into the world of work.

ESSSM, heiress of a relevant past, is now concentrated on the future and seeks to generate in the present tomorrow’s best professionals.


José Manuel Silva