The course on gerontology and long-term healthcare aims to train higher graduated technicians to perform a range of varied functions in the healthcare area, and to exercise coordination and management of specialized service teams.

The course was designed together with market agents and corresponds to the most updated requirements in what concerns the training of professionals in this specific area.

The target audience is embodied by young students searching for a graduation with opened perspectives, versatile, humanist and technically rigorous and by professionals interested in re-classifying and increasing their training level.

Studying in Santa Maria Health School is a distinct experience. The student is the centre of the learning process and the educational action aims to offer students the best training with major satisfaction, as well as to assure a better opportunity regarding employability.


Course coordinator:

Cristiane Silva


Starting date

September 2018



a) Holders of a high school degree academics or legal equivalent qualification;

b) The ones who are over 23 years old approved in exams especially suited to evaluate the skills needed to attend higher education and this course in particular, according to Decree-Law number  64/2006, of 21stMarch;

c) Holders of a technological specialization diploma, of a higher education professional vocational diploma or other higher education degree, aiming professional requalification.


Developed skills:

a) Leadership skills and multi-skilled tem work in the area of gerontology and long-term healthcare;

b) Social intervention and healthcare skills, in a holistic and humanized manner, with senior population and long-term healthcare;

c) Skills to manage basic and social healthcare senior population needs and long-term healthcare;

d) Skills to promote active and healthy ageing;

e) Critical and political thinking about new social ageing scenery.


Study plan



a) 800 internship hours distributed along the 2 years of the course;

b) Possibility of internship in the institution where the students works, if all conditions are met.


Tuition fees

Application: 25,00 €

1.º Year: 11 installments of 150,00 €

2.º Year / 1.s semester: 7 installments of 120,00 €

2.º Year / 2.º semester: Internship free of charge

*The course will have the above charges, hence scholar insurance and final documentation, are included in the presented amounts.


Pre applications

a) Supporting documents of high school course titles or equivalent qualification, or technological or higher graduation specialization diploma;

b) Brief  curriculum;

c) Interview scheduling.